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Environmental Cleanup Systems


Metals U.S. can convert mine tailings and toxic waste sites into profitable and sustainable environments. 


Environmental remediation is all about separation: getting the toxic contaminants out of the environment they contaminate. And what if waste materials can be converted simultaneously to valuable materials you can use and sell? It’s all about separation. And what if you could do that separation without impacting the environment – a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer? It would change the way the world thinks about mining. And that is our mission: change the way the world thinks about mining and water processing, with proven technology, compelling economics, and sustainable operations. It all starts with separations. Metals U.S. is the separation experts.

Our Solid Phase Extraction units allow for the recovery and processing of almost every individual metal from a feed solution. This allows for the collection and processing of precious metals and toxic materials simultaneously. Metals U.S. can convert mine tailings and toxic waste sites into profitable, sustainable environments by collecting valuable metals and filtering out toxic waste simultaneously. Metals U.S. has greatly enhanced properties for metal recovery compared with conventional technology. 


The Metals U.S. team has worked for over 30 years to develop a technology that revolutionizes separation science. We aren’t repackaging the same old methods and hoping to achieve different results. We won't build the clean, prosperous society of the 21st century without 21st century technology. 

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