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Precious and Critical Metals Mining Systems


Our Total Metals Recovery systems employing proven Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) technology are the new frontier in the separation and recovery of precious and critical metals. From gold and silver to copper, uranium, and titanium, and beyond, SPE is quickly becoming the standard for cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient mining systems. Traditional technologies, such as Merrill-Crowe, are over one hundred years old - and they yield century-old efficiencies, energy consumption, and environmental impacts. Our 21st century Total Metals Recovery systems are modular, scalable, extremely clean, and fully customizable for any ore or mine site application. Solid Phase Extraction recycles and reuses expensive and toxic reagents and mining solutions.

SPE columns are compact and mobile, meaning onsite processing at small scales can be profitable, and previously abandoned ore bodies can once again become productive. Total Metals Recovery systems approach zero environmental impact - which makes clearing regulatory hurdles much easier. Our columns are already being implemented by cutting-edge companies at precious and critical metals mines in the United States - and soon the world. From full-scale pit mines to micro-mining applications, SPE is the future of metals mining.


"..SPE adds the advantages of being fast and long-lived to the equation, with significant potential impact on both capex and opex. The work presented by SPE inventor Dr. Richard Hammen at the COM 2012 conference in Niagara Falls, ON, is impressive..."

John Hykawy, "Game Changer"  

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To learn more, check out our Total Metals Recovery page.

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