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Rare Earth Element Separation


The importance of Rare Earth Elements (REE's) to the global economy continues to grow. From cell phones and strategic defense technology to batteries and magnets, REE's form the backbone for many of the products and technologies we interact with on a daily basis. However, Rare Earth Elements also pose significant challenges for conventional mining technology - techonology that has barely progressed in a hundred years. Existing mining and separation facilities have massive environmental impacts, extremely high operating costs, huge energy consumption, and very low efficiencies. The capital costs for building new REE processing facilities can be in excess of $1 billion! 

Our proven Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) technology and Total Metals Recovery systems solve all of these problems. With our modular SPE columns, REE processing facilities have very small footprints, they can easily be scaled to meet supply and demand, and each column is tailored to efficiently extract each individual element for a particular ore body. Expensive reagents can be recycled and reused - and kept out of the environment. Mobile Total Metals Recovery systems can process source materials on site, lowering transportation costs and liabilities, and making previously unprofitable ore deposits viable. All this at a fraction of the cost of conventional technology. 

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