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Turn-Key Industrial Recycling Systems


Metals U.S. can provide Turn-Key Recycling systems for metal waste products at production plants or other facilities. Metals U.S. can spec, build, and deliver small modular systems to plant locations that will convert metal waste products into high purity metal or salt materials that can feed back directly into operating processes, or be resold on the market. The systems have a very small footprint (generally less than 1000 square feet), and can conveniently fit into an operating plant with minimal operation disruption, and minimal requirement for operator support. The Metals U.S. team provides full support of ongoing operation of recycling systems, to ensure reliable, continuous, and excellent results from our processing systems.

The secret sauce for the remarkably low Ucore capex is “Spiderweb™,” solid phase extraction (SPE) technology that Iʼve described in previous ESI articles. Along those lines, the “qualified person” who certified Ucoreʼs PEA is none other than Dr. Richard Hammen, a brilliant chemist who used to run the chemistry section at NASAʼs Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Yes, this is rocket science. One feature of Dr. Hammenʼs astonishing chemical-engineering technology is that it works with plastic piping, versus equipment fabricated out of superexpensive titanium, stainless steel and advanced glass. Another key element is that SPE-spider web tech speeds up chemical reaction kinetics by orders of magnitude… The analogy would be to pay for a Chevrolet, but drive off the lot in a new Cadillac, with every option and all the bells and whistles.”
Byron King, "Great News for Rare Earths" 

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