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Innovation that challenges what we have previously known for a brighter future


Our patented technology has been refined over 30 years of extensive research and development for the purpose of creating sustainable technology that lowers the cost and increasees the efficiency of metals production.

Lower costs, higher productivity


Our technology is the first of its kind. The nanocomposite Spiderweb material is able to process metals at an exponentially faster rate and lower cost than the leading competitors, offering the world access to affordable, sustainable metals.


Separating and purifying high value metals for a sustainable future 


Environmental synergies


Our technology is supremely versatile and can adapt to differenet environments in order to optimize the recovery of desired metals and the removal of undesired toxins and pollutants. Metals U.S. can improve the environmental condition of a source site while simultaneously recovering purified metals, meaning previously toxic environments can become profitable and sustainable.


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