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An unprecedented breakthrough in metals separation: for the first time in history recovering almost every individual metal from a feed source is possible.


Metals U.S. provides a range of services to develop, scale-up, implement, and support better recycling, water purification, and mine processing methods. Our core technology is Solid Phase Extraction (SPE). It enables metal separation and purification with efficiencies not attainable with other technology. We recognize that all these preocesses are complex, and customers want the most complete solutions possible. The Metals U.S. team has decades of experience and success developing an overall process that, when combined with Total Metals Recovery, provides superior solutions to other available options. At Metals U.S., we work with our customers to arrive at the best development strategy, and implement the carefully crafted steps in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner. 

Our highly experienced team of scientists and engineers, and our state of the art laboratory provide full technical and service support in the following areas:

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