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Micro-mining has received increasing attention in recent years as a more community- and environmentally-friendly alternative to the large mine model that has dominated the industry. Micro-mining focuses on small footprint and low capital expenditure processing of small, high grade, and readily accessible deposits. Another objective of micro-mining is to take full advantage of the mineral content, as most ores will have more than one significant metal value. However, it is nearly impossible with conventional technology to sustain multi-metal processing within the cost and operating specifications desired for micro-mine operations. Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) can be the game changer for many micro-mine projects. SPE systems are small, modular, portable, and have minimal footprint. 

We can provide highly effective multi-metal processing, operator friendly automation, and low start-up costs. In addition to SPE technology, we use other leading technologies such as diffusion dialysis and electrodialysis, as well as more conventional techniques, to offer economical processes that incorporate the best recycling methods. Metals U.S. works towards the objective of minimal process waste output and Total Metals Recovery - converting as much of the metal content to salable products as possible. Metals U.S. can develop and pilot these techniques in concert with a large hydrometallurgy strategy.

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